most hated cities



1位 デトロイト Detroit, USA

Crime, pollution and crumbling infrastructure don’t appeal to you.

2位 アクラ Accra, Ghana

Ugly, chaotic, sprawling and completely indifferent to its waterfront location.

3位 ソウル Seoul, South Korea

‘It’s an appallingly repetitive sprawl of freeways and Soviet-style concrete apartment buildings, horribly polluted, with no heart or spirit to it. So oppressively bland that the populace is driven to alcoholism.’

4位 ロサンジェルス Los Angeles, USA

A highly contentious pick, placed here because of its ‘uncontrolled sprawl, pollution, appalling traffic and ugly freeways.’

5位 ウォルバーハンプトン Wolverhampton, England

So bad that we don’t even have it on this site! Check out post 35 on this thread.

6位 サンサルバドル San Salvador, El Salvador

Widely acknowledged as the grubbiest of the Central American capitals.

7位 チェンナイ Chennai, India

We describe it as lacking Mumbai’s prosperity, Delhi’s history or Bengaluru’s buzz.

8位 アルーシャ Arusha, Tanzania

A gateway to natural wonder that has more than its share of rust.
Get out as quickly as you can.

9位 チェトマル Chetumal, Mexico

Combining the worst of mass tourism and outlying decay, Chetumal just doesn’t charm you.Does that sum it up for you, or are there still more deserving candidates?



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